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I'm probably sleepy



ymir is inexplicably freaked out by the sweatpants thing (see below)


so christa always does the sweatpants thing (see above) and chases ymir around the house.






Each workout lasts the length of the song paired with it. So put on your sports anime playlist and let’s go!

You don’t need ANY equipment for this routine - heck, you can do this in bare feet and pajamas if you want to! It doesn’t take much room, either, so it’s perfect if you’re stuck in a tiny dorm or otherwise small living space.

Try to rest as little as possible between each move to finish when the song does. If you find yourself wanting to quit, don’t give up! Remember, Onoda didn’t quit when he had to pass 100 other racers to reach the rest of Sohoku, and neither did Seirin when they were facing Yosen and it seemed like all was lost. Push yourself to be the very best you can be!


Cardio: Yowamushi Pedal - "Be As One"
Strength: Kuroko no Basket - "Fantastic Tune"
Freestyle: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - "Rage On"
Launch: Haikyuu!! - "Tenchi Gaeshi"

And if you’ve still got energy left and feel like you can keep going, feel free to hit the bonus round:

Cardio Burnout: Shingeki no Kyojin - "Guren no Yumiya"

It’s not sports anime, but you will feel like a total badass who can slay Titans by the time you’re done.



stop me


I don’t know how to continue this stupid comic.

  • professor: a british man, a french man, and an american man are exploring and get attacked by a tribe. the tribe leader says 'i'm going to kill you and use your skin for my canoes! but the good news is i'll let you decide how to die!' so the british man goes first and says 'give me a gun.' he takes it and shoots himself with dying words of 'god save the queen!'
  • professor: the french man goes next and asks for poison and says 'vive la france!' before dying.
  • professor: the american man asks for a fork. the tribe leader goes 'a fork?' the american man says 'yes, a fork.' so he gets the fork and starts stabbing himself all over and the tribe leader asks what he's doing.
  • professor: the american man says "TO HELL WITH YOUR CANOES"





as a parent it is your god damn fucking job to look after your children stop treating your children like they are burdens

you signed up to have a child, the child did not sign up to have you as a parent

keep this in mind. do not expect your children to immediately give you back all the things you give them. they are children. love them. cherish them. treat them well.


well done supernatural fandom, well done


#8 APH Norway



buy me cute underwear and i will let u see me wearing it 

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(yes I got tagged in another one and i love answering questions so if you’re bored with these just keep scrolling)


1. How are you?

Right now I am pretty good, thank you.

2. Favorite TV show?

I’ve actually been avoiding the TV shows I like most lately.  As far as a favorite goes, I don’t have one.

3. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

I will answer with a hesitant yes.

4. If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Probably something along the lines of “buckle up, adolescence is a bitch.” I would also say something about crocs are and that I should just throw out the ones I owned.

5. Do you have any hobbies?

I dance, sing, act (a tiny bit), write, draw, and walk to weird places.  I am pretty good with fashion advice and flirting when I’m not scared out of my mind someone’s into me. (it has happened believe it or not)

6. What was the last movie you saw? X2

7. What are three books you think everyone should read?

Harry Potter (The whole series it’s seven books whatever), 10th of December, and The Tiger Voyage (an ancient picture book that was my childhood).

8. If you could be anywhere else in the world, where would you be?

In an Italian Villa by the sea, or with one of my close friends.  Or both.  Both would be preferable actually.

9. Favorite kind(s) of music?

I like everything except for country.  I LOVE acoustic guitar and waltzes of all sorts.   

10. What do you think happens after we die?

I’ve been toying with the idea of a soul actually returning (like reincarnation stuff) but I sort of also believe we just degrade and our energy returns to the things that eat our bodies like worms.

11. Biggest fear?

That I will never find a requited love.


My Questions:

Please see the post I also posted today with questions because I just ran three miles and I am now feeling lazy.  Same goes with the tags.

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Rule #1: always post the rules.

Rule #2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

Rule #3: tag 11 people and link them in the post.

Rule #4: tell them you tagged them.



1. Got a favorite book?

I do not. I have read far too many to choose a favorite.  All books are adventures.

2. What about a favorite animal?  Llamas.  If you know me, you know this.

3. Describe a crush or a friend, without naming them.

She has sea green eyes that swirl with aqua and gold tints, medium lashes, and cheeks shaded with natural pinkness. A light spray freckles cover her larger nose, and long dark gold hair with natural tight curls tumbling far below her shoulder blades.  She also has a rad french accent.

4. What book(s) are you reading right now?

Paradise Lost and The Night Circus.  (and the Epic of Gilgamesh but that’s for school)

5. Describe your favorite childhood stuffed animal

A large stuffed dog, with short floppy ears and beige fur.  I named her vanilla.  She has a black nose and brown eyes.

6. Favorite food?

I love sweet things.  You can buy me with sweets, especially if they are beautiful or have a spicy twist.

7. Do you have a favorite quote from anything?

Shakespeare said in sonnet 116, “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds”.

8. Do you/have you ever kept a journal?  

I have and continue to sort of do so.

9. Favorite song beginning with the letter M?


10. How do you feel about rain?

I love rain!

11. What movie or tv show have you watched most recently?

Just watched criminal minds.  For some reason during holiday I eat lunch while watching a crime show.  It’s practically a tradition for me now.


My Questions:

1. You are three years old.  Why is the sky blue?

2. Favorite colour?

3. How do you feel about politics (just in general)?

4. Feature you look for in a partner (if this applies)?

5. Dream day?

6. Worst thing that could ever happen to you when taking a test?

7. Do you think people are naturally good?

8. Favorite number?

9. Ae you a caps lock or shift person?

10. Favorite punctuation mark?

11. Pet peeve? 


I tag:  (only if you’d like to do another one. no obligation!) (see kas’s sidenote)

And no one else specifically because I feel bad forcing this on people.

However please do it and let me know because I want to learn about people.  (Creep not intended)


The Laundry Room:

The Dining Room:

The Living Room:

The Kitchen:

The Bedroom:

The Porch Area:




its never not a good time for this video

…… found it




Transparent Lipgloss Gif (lipgloss matches colour of your blog)

i swear i have reblogged this today like sooo many times, its so nice 


i love this

god bless people with white backgrounds

High Class Dash



Once upon a time, there lived a rather temperamental princess who enjoyed wandering off alone and stormy weather. There was no prince in sight for her, but she sure liked cats. The end.

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